25 Sep 2015

Recommend Recipe Fried bitter gourd and egg

1 Cut the bitter gourd into two halves, take out pulp and seed with a spoon;2 Cut the bitter gourd into sli

25 Sep 2015

Eat right, exercise more, date you.

1 Wash before cut: Cut after rinse thoroughly with running water, avoid the loss of water soluble vitamin and

25 Sep 2015

Recommend Recipe:Olive Oil Vegetable Salad

1 Husk the corns into niblets, and clean eggs, dice the tomato and broccoli;2 Put the niblets into a small p

25 Sep 2015

Five Features of Manuka Honey

1 Manuka honey& 39;s antibacterial activity is equivalent to 4% to 10% phenol, promoting healing effect to wounds

25 Sep 2015

Winter for Warmness

Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that we shall eat mutton, duck, goose meat, radish, chestnut and so on, and drinking more soups and avoiding raw or cold foods


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