25 Sep 2015

Eat right, exercise more, date you.

1. Wash before cut: Cut after rinse thoroughly with running water, avoid the loss of water soluble vitamin and some mineral substances caused by too long soaking. 

2. Cold mixing  after blanching: The vegetables which contain rich Vitamin C and are suitable for cold dish shall be eaten in cold as much as possible. For vegetables with much oxalic acid, such as spinach, they shall be blanched firstly to remove most of oxalic acid before mixing.
3. Stir fry with high fire: For green vegetables with high carotene content, stir fry with high fire can reduce the loss of vitamin and promote the absorption of carotene. 
4. Eat while Fresh: The cooked vegetable shall be eaten as soon as possible. We shall cook limited vegetable at a time, eat fresh cooked vegetable and avoid repeated heating, long time storage period will increase the content of nitrite.


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