Northeast Base in China

Plenty of sunlight, suitable climate, abundant water, coupled with the cold weather, nearly no plant diseases and pest, only harvest awaits, make this land a natural barn in China


Yang Xian Bases

The soil, water and atmosphere all reached the green non-pollutant standards National registration of the “Nippon” trademark


Huxian Base

Unique organic 3D fertilization system, whole process traceable quality management system and whole process cold chain distribution system, ensuring to bring the fresh vegetables and flowers on farm to family at the first time


Takatu Vineyard

Takatu appreciates and respects the uniqueness of each vintage, and we adhere the Old World techniques to preserve such qualities We pursue the ultimate quality of grapes


Panlong Mountain Base

Located in Ankang, Shaanxi Soil fertile, crops harvested without any fertilizer The water is rich in trace element, especially a rare mineral substance --- Se, which plays an important role in human body


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